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Essentially flawless copies with little or no evidence of ever having been handled or read. The very finest copies available anywhere! Magazines in this grade are certain to enhance any collection.

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Science is currently trying to figure out why so-called prostate orgasms feel so intense—but, frankly, the why is unimportant. So, I talked with Sex and Relationships coach Dr. Charlie Glickman, PhD, who literally wrote the book on prostate pleasure to explain just how to enjoy this under-appreciated erogenous zone.

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You can touch my butt, but not the hole. Just anal messing around. Defining our terms seemed important, since these are genres of sex that people get extremely touchy about, so to speak.

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In fact, that very possibility might explain why something like 60 percent of the adult population has never once, in our entire boring little lives, dared to have anal sex, let alone place our tongue, however gingerly, on or about the butt hole of another person. I get that. And for straight men, the numbers are even smaller. But for the brave bung-diving brotherhood and sisterhoodthis crapshoot, as it were, is simply not an obstacle.

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Why are men so afraid of their own backside? The Guyliner asks real men why they do and don't experiment with anal and explains what to do if you're interested in getting to know your prostate. Will we ever put our little hangups about the male G-spot behind us?

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By putting the sex back into homosexuality, BUTT shook up the world of gay publishing. Defined by rare wit and a refusal to address its readers as mere consumers, FANTASTIC MAN has categorically turned the tide in fashion publishing with its fastidious long-form interviews, style anthropology and stark art direction. Jop and Gert divide their time between their offices in Amsterdam and London.

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According to Sir Mix-a-Lot, if you don't got buns then his anaconda don't want none. As a woman who definitely does not have "back," this always sort of made me feel left out. While it's been over 20 years since Sir Mix-a-Lot sang those immortal lyrics, the discussion of big butts is still on the table, especially thanks to Kim Kardashian, who, in her own right, has pretty much cornered the market.

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Sam, a year-old barista from Minneapolis, is telling me how the mainstreaming of ass eating has changed her sex life. However, does this mean more of us, especially straight men, are actually taking part in the act? Determining the prevalence of ass eating is a notoriously difficult pursuit. In lieu of hard data then, I interviewed about 60 men who sleep with women about how the mainstreaming of eating ass has impacted their willingness to partake in this activity — both giving and receiving.

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Introducing our latest collection of the finest baby socks at Playtime Paris including best sellers Miffy Complex Magazine featuring our finest Basic Luxury men's mercerized socks in unicolor Midnight blue. The ones here are pure joy in the form of low- medium- and high-tech.

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By Eugene S. Sometimes the best way to see what you can take is to take all that you can take. In this instance, I had taken on three jobs. One of the cooler ones?


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