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Omg our dreams are coming true thanks to xandra. The Bruncheonette. Comic-Con International.

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Darth Vader and Adolf Hitler go hard in an epic rap battle for the title of the dopest Chancellor of Darkness in histooorryyyyyyy. In theaters July 8, Created in Solingen, Germany, using a single piece of stainless steel, this chef's knife is ready to be the most important tool in your kitchen.

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Sedelmaier as part of the Saturday TV Funhouse series of sketches. The Ambiguously Gay Duo is a parody of the stereotypical comic book superhero duo done in the style of Saturday morning cartoons like Super Friends. The characters are clad in matching pastel turquoise tights, dark blue domino masksand bright yellow coordinated gauntlets, boots and shorts.

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Those rudimentary images and drawings, however, belie the sharp barbs affixed to these shorts, as well as the political broadsides embedded in them. In addition to the aforementioned Duo, for example — who spend the entire program when not zipping around in their phallus-shaped car looking for Jimmy Fallon — the roster of superheroes includes a Fantastic Four-type team consisting of ex-presidents and the Divertor, who deflects public attention away from failed GOP policies by directing his powerful scandal-causing ray at Hollywood celebrities. Not all these conceits work, alternating as they do between utterly juvenile and brilliantly satirical.

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The real Buckingham also came onstage to perform:. Helms appeared solo in a campaign ad paid for by Land's End, natch to mock the less familiar potential GOP candidates:. Osama bin Laden's death was the subject of the cold open again with a report on CNN's The Situation Room showing Fred Armisen 's President Obama continually enjoying the accomplishment and maybe enjoying it too much :.

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Produced by Robert Smigel 's production company, TV Funhouse, the show followed the adventures of Ace and Gary, superheroes whose relationship satirizes the alleged homoerotic nature of the dynamic duo Batman and Robin. It was the first cartoon to have a character voiced by Stephen Colbert, who played Ace. Gary was voiced by fellow comedian Steve Carell.

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Okay gays, pull out the rotten tomatoes, aim straight at your computer screen, and fire. Because I am about to defend Tracy Morgan, the most LGBT-hated man in comedy this week, and speak out against another harmful form of humor: the gay parody. Believe me when I say I don't find Morgan's alleged bashing of gays at a Tennessee nightclub last week harmless.

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Luckily for fans, Carell and Colbert were both able to make time to play super villains alongside Helms and a lizard masked Fred Armisen in a live-action version of the cartoon, with Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon filling in as Ace and Gary who are brought to life via a Flesh Ray. Watch the sketch here:. The end is near. Lucky for you, you can watch the entire season right now right here and on the IFC app, including this free episode courtesy of Subaru.

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Sign in. Marlon Wayans explains how a White Chicks sequel could still be in the future, even 15 years after the movie's first release. Watch now.


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