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Below are 10 little known facts about shaving your legs, and some tips to help you get the best shave possible. You can use a mild scrub or an everyday exfoliant. Lather is super important for a good, clean shave, but ditch your soap and stick to a shave cream or a pinch of hair conditioner.

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Through all of our handy beauty products, we enhance and improve upon our features that we were born with, and play up the ones that we wish had a bit more prominence. For most of us, shaving is a struggle, and not one we want to partake in on an everyday basis. Exfoliating before shaving will get rid of any dead skin cells and also help raise any little hairs hiding beneath the surface of the skin, enabling you to get a closer shave.

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My shins are also decorated with ribbons of shiny white scars. These hark back to a period of adolescent one-upmanship when my older sister began shaving her legs, so I decided to start too, all the while refusing invaluable insights from my mother about how to actually perform the task properly—and safely. I never did listen to my mom! Through years of trial and error, I more or less learned how to remove hair without cutting my legs open, but my life continues to be plagued with ingrowns, irritation, and those annoying red dots.

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Show less There are as many reasons for leg shaving as there are ways and means to do it. Maybe you just like your legs to be smooth.

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This article was written by Michelle Grossman and repurposed with permission from Beauty High. For most of us, shaving is a struggle and not one we want to partake in on an everyday basis. Believe it or not, there are actually some things we can do to keep our legs smoother, longer.

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Pubic hair is different for everyone. Some people have lots of it, some have little, and its patterns can be all over the place. Some people just let it grow and some like to remove it.

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I remember the first time I was allowed to shave my legs. I had been begging my mom for years, but she just kept on telling me that I was too young. Once I was allowed to shave them, I realized getting a smooth shave on my legs sans irritation just meant I now needed to find ways to make shaving easierand the novelty quickly faded.

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We all know how to shave but do we know how to shave properly? Seriously, if you want long-lasting smoothness who couldn't do with more time in the mornings? Celebrity beauty therapist and skin expert for Venus, Nathalie Eleni, explained to us that what you do before, during and after shaving can grant you smoother skin for longer.

The thing about hair removal is that, unlike other normal rites of passage, such as riding a bike or learning how to parallel-park, no one ever actually teaches you how to shave your legs. Even in the beauty world, there are few YouTubers posting videos about how to shave correctly. Tutorials about shaving your legs do exist, but those making them aren't exactly experts.


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