Why adults go missing

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Please refresh the page and retry. M ore than missing persons incidents are logged by police forces every day in the UK on average, with many more going unreported. Whether the cases last for a few hours or for far longer periods of time, one million people in the UK are estimated to be affected by a disappearance each year.

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On Valentine's Day morning, David Wandtke told his wife of 11 years he was going to the grocery store to buy junk food, a familiar errand for him and, his wife thought, possibly a cover for a last-minute gift run. Wandtke, a year-old nurse, drove away in a maroon PT Cruiser and hasn't been heard from since, becoming the second St. Paul man this year to apparently walk away from his life and into oblivion.

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You can text us even if you have no credit left on your mobile phone. Missing People is a confidential service and we cannot trace your calls. Please see our Confidentiality Policy.

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A missing person poster in Ireland Photo by William Murphy via. Last year,people were reported missing in the UK. While we might see many of their faces posted to Facebook or in the back pages of local newspapers, it can be all too easy to look straight through them. The plight of missing people remains something most of us know very little about — an issue that throws up many more questions than answers.

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For police, an important element to include in the definition is that the person must be reported missing to police. In the overwhelming majority of cases, missing persons are located within a very short period of time — usually within days of the disappearance. Reasons why adults go missing are as varied as the individuals themselves.

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E very two minutes someone in crisis is recorded as missing. Children in danger. They leave behind them families, friends and communities desperate for news.

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Researchers from a project which aims to deepen understanding of adults who choose to go missing are presenting their results for the first time today Wednesday 19 June. Aroundincidences of people reported as missing are reported to authorities each year in the UK, but little research exists which could provide practical insights to benefit those with responsibility for and to missing adults. The Geographies of Missing People project is the first study to perform in-depth interviews with people who have been reported as missing and make recommendations on how the support they receive after they return can be improved.

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Aroundpeople go missing in the UK every year, leaving families heartbroken and desperate for answers. Often we think about the people left behind and the torture they must be going through, not knowing where their loved one is or whether they are safe. But what about the people who go missing?

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Tens of thousands of "runaway" Britons who disappear every year stay within a few miles of their homes, according to the first study based on in-depth interviews with "missing" adults. The research discovered that despite fleeing their homes and everyday lives — and often taking extreme measures to stay anonymous, such as changing their appearance, using false identification and avoiding CCTV cameras — runaways usually remained close to their original homes, where they felt more comfortable and less conspicuous than they would in an unfamiliar place. Most of them also chose to get about on foot, rather than by using cars or public transport. The report, The Geographies of Missing People, is based on face-to-face interviews with 45 adults who went missing in London or Scotland between and and who either returned home voluntarily or were traced.


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