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Now that same-sex marriage has been legalized yay! These celebrations are more likely to be mixed-gender gatherings compared to all-female bachelorette and all-male bachelor partiesaccording to Tisha Vaidya and Lauren Raouf of My Best Friend's Weekend. So it's key to plan something that will appeal to both women and men.

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The bride-to-be is often easily identifiable. She's the one wearing either a veil or tiara or feather boa or phallic-shaped blow-up hat, and is surrounded by women who begin the night somewhat reserved but metamorphose into pelvis-thrusting vamps as their blood-alcohol levels rise. The women come to celebrate without having to worry about straight men pawing them.

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New This Month. While bachelor and bachelorette parties tend to be most common among heterosexual couples, there's no reason same-sex couples can't also partake in this tradition. Any excuse to get your closest friends together for a weekend of eating, lounging, adventuring, and laughing is appealing to any couple.

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Shutterstock Marriage equality protesters across the country took to the streets after North Carolina voters voted to ban gay marriages earlier this month. The Abbey, a gay nightclub in West Hollywood, Calif. In a rant published this weekend, Gawker's Louis Peitzman finds a different reason why bachelorette parties should not be celebrated at gay bars — because they are annoying. He may be on to something.

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RuPaul spoke in an interview last week about a hotly contested issue within the LGBTQ community: the practice of straight women using gay bars as the sites for their bachelorette parties and the larger cultural problem it illustrates. Early on, I learned that I could do it well and make money. So people automatically ask me about beauty tips.

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Who doesn't love going to a gay bar? Gay bars are fun and great and wonderful — but when a gaggle of bridesmaids ready to party in some penis hats walk in, things can get tricky. Because try as some might to reduce these spaces to unnecessary drinking venues, gay bars are important political zones where pride thrives.

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Dear straight girls throwing their bachelorette parties in gay bars. Put down your vodka crans, take off those penis hats and listen up. I understand how you ended up here.

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West Hollywood gay bar The Abbey recently decided to ban straight bachelorette parties. Their decision, according to Abbey owner David Cooley, is a form of political protest. We love our straight girlfriends coming in to celebrate one of the happiest days of their life. But it's also a slap in the face to my customers and my life that we can't have that same celebration.

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You see them marching down Commercial Street in bejeweled armadas—three, four, sometimes 10 deep—sheets of flat-ironed hair slappingat the tiny straps of their backless minidresses, and airbrushed makeup the hue of Easter decorations. As they trot by in their towering heels, horror seeps from the faces of the beach bum locals, who consider whether to call the police, or the Environmental Protection Agency. They are called, simply, The Bachelorettes.

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Last weekend, I unwittingly walked into a heterosexual bachelorette party — actually it was about seven bachelorette parties occurring simultaneously. There were gaggles straight chicks in short dresses sipping cocktails out of penis straws as far as the eye could see. The irony of this rhinestone tiara-studded spectacle was that I was at a gay bar.